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Skywriting is one of the most unique forms of advertising, which has given aerial advertising the unique status it holds today. The whole idea of displaying skywriting started off from people's fascination of jet planes that emit smoke in different patterns that can be used to create arrays of sky messages. Sky messages are used as special messages in aerial advertising, which can either be in the form of personal messages (for special personal events like birthdays) or for professional messages (for the purpose of promoting Ads and businesses).

Skywriting first began as an interesting past time and later became much more than just an entertaining display. Sky messages have successfully stamped their presence throughout the advertising industry. This actually happened because of outdoor events like holiday escapades, air shows and the announcements of changing seasons such as spring and summer. Thanks to these announcements and events, the display of sky messages paved the way for skywriting aerial advertisements. This form of advertising involves the use of special aircrafts which makes it very easy to have an airplane message displayed or flown over an entire region/area, town or city.

People generally conclude that the cost of aerial advertisements is much more than regular advertising. Considering the number of scale at which the Ads are being displayed and the huge number of target customers that are reached, this is in fact a serious misconception. Aside from having reasonable prices, the display of an airplane message in the sky happens to be the most unique form of advertising being used today. Most business owners are unaware of this fact that aerial advertisements are one of the fastest and cost-effective means of promoting products and services, which is why very few businesses use this approach of advertising. Though the number of businesses and companies adopting this advertising strategy is still quite low, its awareness is steadily increasing.

Airplane message writing methodology is specifically meant for people or audiences at open areas or fields - where the messages are easily visible. Sky messages are basically air puffs made of biodegradable substances that conform to environmental standards. The interesting thing about these smoky puffs is that they are capable of lasting for about 8 minutes in the sky (which is more than enough time to deliver a message to audiences).

As compared to other advertising media, displaying sky messages is a more successful form of advertising, which is also well worth the cost. For instance, a television commercial may last for just about 30 seconds and will cost you a lot more than you expect, while sky messages will last for more than 5 minutes.

Among other methods of aerial advertisements, skywriting is another advertising strategy that catches the attention of a larger number of audiences. Due to the larger and random demographics, this method of advertising proves to be far more successful and faster means of reaching out to a huge number of people within a very short time. Being something new and intriguing, skywriting is gladly being received, appreciated and recognized by everyone.

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