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Why Airplane Banner Advertising Campaigns?

Reasons To Choose The Aerial Marketing Method Include:

Limitless Reach And Lasting Impressions: By taking your (aerial) advertising to the skies! These unconventional outdoor marketing campaigns can offer publicity and media coverage that is second to none. Whether it’s during the rowdiest sporting events, the loudest concerts, or bumper-to-bumper traffic, aerial advertisements are unavoidably noticeable. And why not? The skies are truly the limit! Aerial ads are large and expansive and can be flown anywhere. Make your biggest impression and tap into the top DMA markets with unique and unforgettable aerial marketing created by

Savvy Targeting: This helps you or your clients tap into untapped markets! With aerial advertising you or your clients will unquestionably reach consumers in markets or events that may once have been unreachable. Consider these facts & figures below.

  • Yesterday TV, Today DVR: A July 2008, Neilson Ratings report revealed that 25%, or 28 million households in the United States, owns at least one Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Another study showed that there are about 78 million people, who now, do not watch commercials. This number is expected to rise at 5-8% each year for years to come.
  • Yesterday AM/FM Radio, Today Satellite Radio: Commercial-free radio? A marketer’s nightmare. In 2008, Sirius XM revealed that they had 19.5 million subscribers. By 2009, their subscriptions grew by 10-13% or 1.95-2.53 million more than the previous year. This amounts to 21.8 million listeners are not hearing radio advertisements.
  • Yesterday Print, Today Internet: Newspapers are becoming obsolete. The number of print and newspaper subscribers who are choosing to terminate their newspaper or magazine subscriptions are on the rise. Instead many are choosing to get their information from the internet. Currently, an estimated 125-135 million are now choosing to click their way through their daily news vs. through a newspaper or magazine. That’s about 85-100 million, and an additional 8-10 million more per year expected!

The point is, if you have something to market to today’s consumers, it has become necessary for you to bring your advertisements to them. Aerial advertising is known to have a 75% retention rate! event marketing experts will make your brand known! A well-planned, week-long marketing campaign can successfully reach between 70-80% of you or your clients target market.

Aerial Advertising is Cost Effective

Compared to the conventional media of newspaper, radio, and television, aerial advertising is remarkably very inexpensive. Often times, at cost of under $3.00 per CPM. Depending on the unique events or targeted consumer population, aerial marketing campaigns deliver smart, effective CPM’s that go directly to your demographic and cover your exact geographic objectives.

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