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Below is a partial list of Flysigns Aerial Advertising clients from 1992-2011. For our clients, we have provided aerial banner towing and skywriting services in just about every city in the United States. We specialize solely in aerial banner towing and skywriting for any type of client from Joe Citizen who wants to ask his girlfriend to marry him, to Mom and Pop restaraunts, to Multi-Market campaigns for the largest of Advertising Agencies. For all your specific Aerial Banner Towing or Skywriting needs, you can count on us to get the job done right. Please call or email for aerial advertising costs and the different cost for each individual service.

Aerial Advertising Defined

Aerial advertising is a form of advertising that incorporates the use of aircraft, ballons or airships to create and display, advertising media. The media can be a banner, logo, or lighted sign for sponsorship branding. It can be dynamic, such as an animated lighted sign, skywriting or audio played from an aircraft. Aerial advertising is very effective if a large target audience is gathered near the source for advertising. Ballons, skywriting, and banner towing are either strategically located or target in a general area such as beaches. Airships or blimps can reach a broader audience along their flight route while mourning in cities for further coverage. Residual distribution, such as news media coverage, word of mouth and photos of aerial advertising campaigns can reach an extended audience for a much longer time after the campaign is complete. Most aerial advertising operations are regulated by local and federal entities throughout the world.

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