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Dallas, Texas

  • Flysigns Aerial Advertising has operated in the Dallas, Texas area for 23 years. We have had successful banner towing and skywriting operations located at the Dallas Executive Airport since 1992. We have multiple aircraft for towing both airplane banners and or skywriting. Giant helicopter towed banners up to 15,000 square feet are also available upon request. LED lighted night signs are also available from one hour after sunset till one hour before sunrise. We can tow airplane banners from sunrise till sunset, but have to have the banner on the ground by sunset at the airport. Aerial banners are flown at 1,000 feet in the downtown Dallas area and at 500 feet over Dallas area lakes, beaches and unicorporated areas. Custom aerial billboards are available up to 40 feet tall by 120 feet long in our Dallas location. We utilize a 7 foot tall aerial banner system for all flights in mainly the color red. All billboard and banner production is done in house, but would have to be shipped to Dallas from one of our many production facilities. We offer both hand painted and computer printed aerial billboards ranging from $1.15-$2.00 per square foot.
  • Suitable weather conditions for flying aerial banners in the Dallas area are as follows: Visibility of 2 miles plus. Fog, marine layer, or low cloud ceilings of 1,500 feet or taller. Winds not exceeding 25-30mph.
  • Suitability for skywriting are as follows: Less than 25-30% cloud cover. Winds not exceeding 30-35mph at 10,000 feet.
  • Please give us a call at our Dallas office for quotes and or any information on airplane banners, helicopter banners, night signs and or skywriting campaigns at 1-214-377-0395

  • Some Local Dallas Events & Areas We Fly

    • - Local AM or PM traffic. 1.5 million estimated impressions per 3 hour flight -
    • - Dallas Cowboy Football Games (Pregame only. Up until one hour prior to kickoff) -
    • - NASCAR Weekends / Texas Motor Speedway -
    • - INDY Car Race Weekends / Texas Motor Speedway -
    • - NCAA College Football Games (Pregame only. Up until one hour prior to kickoff) -
    • - Texas Rangers MLB Games (Pregame only. Up until one hour prior to gametime) -
    • - Dallas Diamonds Womans Football -
    • - Dallas Mavericks NBA Games -
    • - Dallas Stars NHL Hockey Games -
    • - Dallas Vigilantes Arena Football Games -
    • - PGA Tour Byron Nelson Championship -
    • - FC Dallas MLS Games -
    • - Lonestar Park Horse Racing Events -
    • - Mesquite Championship Rodeo -
    • - Texas State Fair -
    • - Personal Messages At Reunion Tower -

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    Dallas, Texas Flight Operations - Dallas Executive Airport

    Dallas, Texas Office 1-214-377-0395

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