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Our Experience

The managing partners of have a combined 38 years of "field" and "manufacturing" aerial billboard experience. Our chief partner/pilot has personally flown banners for 27 years amounting to over 14,000 banner tow hours. We have also perfected the art of rigging a banner or billboard of all shapes and sizes to fly crisply through the skies, either behind a fixed wing aircraft or slower flying helicopters. Combined, we have produced more than 6,000 aerial billboards and banners. Together, we have achieved just about over 20,000 banner and billboard flights and drops. We are proud to say that we photographed and or video-taped nearly all these excursions. We believe it's the largest archive available of its kind.

Format Capabilities

At we live by the idea that the sky is the limit and this is how we see our format capabilities. Following this model has allowed us to establish ourselves as industry leaders in aerial advertisements. We meticulously work to create banners and billboards of any size and shape, including up to 1 x 20 or longer that is still able to maintain flat, crisp, front to back readability. Custom-made, interchangeable sections can be included to any portion of the billboard or banner, allowing you or your client to reduce production costs and maximize your marketing budget.

Aerial Ads And The Law will take care of all insurance and permits necessary for you banner tows. Presently, there are few laws that regulate areas where aerial banners and billboards can be flown. There are flight restrictions at all major NCAA Football, MLB, NFL, & main NASCAR events, from one hour prior till one hour after the event. To the best of our knowledge our helicopter towed banners can be flown anywhere in the world. As the laws stand today, our helicopters are authorized to fly over populated areas at the same altitudes, places, and times as a fixed wing aircraft. The payoff to you---maximizing brand marketing for you and or your clients.

We look forward to being your source for all of your banner towing and aerial advertising needs. Call us today at 1-323-319-4425 to find out more information or to get your campaign off the ground, literally.

Aerial Ads Are Safe To Fly

The average helicopter towed banner measures 10,000 square feet(1,000 square meters), to which we add: a maximum of up to 11 pounds(5 kilos) of ballast vs. A sling loads 400-500 pounds(180-225 kilos); tow ropes that weigh less than 8 pounds(4 kilos); our state-of-the-art flight cloth weighs about 90 pounds(40 kilos). commonly, or aerial billboards are about 10,000 square foot(1,000 square meter) billboard in length and the entire setup weighs around 110 pounds(50 kilos).

Logistics Of A Flying Banner

Since the inception of aerial billboards and banners around the 1930s, been approximately 40,000 conventional aerial billboards have been manufactured, with over 300,000+ tow-flight hours. Yet, there has not been one reported injury to bystanders on the ground.

Aerial Billboard Styles & Sizes

Aerial Billboard Styles Sizes Vary Process Additions Price USD
30' X 100'(9m) X (30m)
Airplane Banner
Hand Painted None Inquire
20' X 30'(6m) X (9m)
Airplane Banner
Hand Painted Adapted To Carry 7ft(2.1m) Letters Inquire
30' X 80'(9m) X (27m)
Airplane Banner
Computer Printed 10' x 80'(3m x 27m) Changeable Rear Section Inquire
7' X 28'(2.1m) X (8.4m)
Airplane Letter Banner Tailflag
Hand Painted Adapt To Fit Any Size Letters Inquire
5 or 7 Feet Tall (1.5 or 2.1m)
Airplane Banner
Free! Custom Inserts Available Free!

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